Microsoft Company Portal temporary unavailable error troubleshooting

Recently was assisting the Intune team to troubleshoot “Company Portal Temporary Unavailable” error for the iOS devices.

The Azure AD was federated with AD FS.

Looking at the Company Portal logs from mobile device the following detailed error message was discovered (extracted the part we are interested in):

InAppProcess : {context = “Failed to fetch aad service token! Error: Optional(Error with code: -1005 Domain: NSURLErrorDomain ProtocolCode:(null) Details:The network connection was lost.. Inner error details: Error domain: NSURLErrorDomain\nCode: -1005\nDescription: The network connection was lost.\nUser info: {\n   NSErrorFailingURLKey = \”

This error pointed us to Network/SSL issues, not Authentication.

As always used the great SSL test portal to check SSL settings for the AD FS public host name.

In the Handshake Simulation section we saw the following:


Looking at the supported TLS Cipher Suites saw this:


Looking at the following Apple Developer site we get following information about one of the requirements for Connecting Using ATS:

The connection must use either the AES-128 or AES-256 symmetric cipher. The negotiated TLS connection cipher suite must support perfect forward secrecy (PFS) through Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral (ECDHE) key exchange, and must be one of the following:


In this environment the Load Balancer was installed in front of Web Application Proxy (WAP) and SSL offloading was configured for AD FS farm host name.

Adjusting the supported cipher suit settings to the recommended above values has addressed the issue.

There is another great blog post about this issue troubleshooting.

And this is Intune What’s New page describing new ATS requirement.

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